Terms & Conditions

Entered into between:

Meow Now (Pty) Ltd
(hereinafter, Meow Now)

  1. All right of admission reserved.
  2. The client has agreed to hire the freelancer(s) for the purposes of the details outlined in the invoice.
  3. The client agrees that the client will be responsible for the safety, security and wellbeing of the freelancer(s).
  4. Meow Now is a legitimate and professional business & The client hereby undertakes not to sexually harass or assault the freelancer(s) in anyway. The client hereby undertakes not to solicit sex from the freelancer during the course of the event.
  5. The client hereby undertakes not to offer, supply or sell narcotics to the freelancer(s) during the course of the event.
  6. The client hereby indemnifies Meow Now from any and all loss and damages that Meow Now might suffer howsoever arising and agrees to pay for any loss or damages so suffered on demand.
  7. The hereby excludes the liability of Meow Now from any and all loss and/or damages that client might suffer howsoever arising including from the negligence, gross negligence and breach of contract and intention misconduct of Meow Now and/or the freelancer(s) during the course of the event.
  8. In the event that the freelancer(s) are requested (and are able) to stay longer, the additional hours will be billed to the client and all conditions expressed above will apply.\u.
  9. Freelancers will not be allowed to hand out cards or other promotional material or distribute contact numbers etc.
  10. Meow Now does not provide audio for bookings (CD player and/or USB sound system) thus the client needs to ensure that this is available at the time of the event .
  11. Any filming or photography at an event is strictly prohibited, resulting in the freelancer exiting the event and no refund being granted.
  12. Meow Now freelancers are often booked at capacity and time is of great importance to ensure that other bookings run smoothly, however in the unlikely event of a freelancer arriving late please make accommodations for performances to run timeously.
  13. Any complaints regarding the booking need to be communicated to Meow Now (not Freelancer) on the day of the event or 12h after in order for us to validate or process any further action.
  14. In an unlikely event Meow Now reserves the right to substitute the freelancer booked with another of similar talents.
  15. This agreement and Meow Now general terms and conditions constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with regards to this event. No warranties or representations not contained in this agreement will be of any force and or effect unless reduced to in writing and signed by the parties. No variation, alteration, amendment, novation, waiver, cession or cancellation will be of any force and or effect unless agreed to in writing and signed by the parties.

Payment Terms & Conditions
Bookings will need neet to be paid in full 1 week prior to the date of the event. In the event of a cancellation the following will apply:
● Cancellation of 5 days in advance will warrant a full refund
● Cancellation of – 5 days in advance will warrant a 50% refund
● Cancellation of 24hrs before event will result in no refund

Third Party Terms & Conditions
The Meow Now website is intended for personal use only. Accepted use consists of gathering information about our services, making of legitimate inquiries and to contact us or get a quote regarding our services. This website should not be used to make false or fraudulent reservations or inquiries. By using this site, you agree that all information you provide is accurate and that all permissions for use have been acquired. All third party vendors, being hotels, car and limousine rentals, tour operators, clubs, restaurants, golf courses and any other service vendor are not the responsibility of Meow Now. Therefore, Meow Now accepts no liability for their actions. Further we accept no responsibility for your actions. You agree that all dealings with these third parties are your responsibility alone. Meow Now provides information and booking services only. Any damages, losses, incidentals or any other miscellaneous charges are your responsibility and Meow Now is not liable. We give no warrant or guarantees to the services provided by other vendors. We further reserve the right to modify our website and its contents, modify the Terms & Conditions of use or terminate this site and and conditions at any time.